Dynamic in name and in nature, Perry Seng Motorsports (PSM) is entwined with the partnership of its founding members Perry Yem and Seng Thai.  

PSM is located in Southern California where all in-house development and production is based. At the heart beats the creative talent of Perry Yem, an elusive, enigmatic designer of bespoke exotic car bodyworks that are the stuff of urban legends.  Perry built his reputation serving some of the most respected body shops in the industry. He has since provided bespoke designs to a never-ending line of exclusive clientele; exotic car enthusiasts, street racers and collectors. Hungry for his skills, securing Perry’s talents made his designs always exclusive and one step out of reach, until now.

Introducing Perry’s long time friend Seng Thia, an automotive entrepreneur. Seng understands the complexities of business, manufacture and managing supply. All key components to running a successful enterprise. An exotic car enthusiast with a passion for sport cars, Seng has grown up with Perry and his creations, learning the art of car modification first hand from his mentor. Their long lasting friendship has created a brotherly loyalty and trust that forms the foundation of the PSM Dynamic.

Perry has a unique talent of taking an existing car body shape and transforming it into something new without losing the essence of the original design.  His creations fall close to the boundaries of art. They work seamlessly to enhance and accentuate a cars personality. Constructed using unique meticulously formed carbon-fibre elements, these creations are built to perform, offering greater stability at high speeds and smoothing air-flow. Built on a racetrack philosophy, these elements become street smart.

Perry’s designs are never compromised and are created with the unflinching vision of an artist. Seng adds a synergy to harvest this creative passion, capturing and harnessing its energy in the PSM range of luxury component kits. The result delivers uncompromised bodyworks with the feel of being privately tailored.

Designed, developed and hand crafted in California, each piece is produced to the highest specification by master craftsman using the finest race-performance materials. The manufacturing process uses vacuum forming to guarantee a perfect surface with a low weight distribution. Every component is individually treated meticulously and inspected with rigorous QC for precision fit and finish before it leaves the shop. In fact nothing leaves the shop without their names on it.

PSM Dynamic pushes limits of the possible to deliver outstanding design forged from pedigree and to unleash performance.